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Wntr Wknd Student Registration on Sunday, January 19, 2020 @ 4:30 PM

$49 regular rate through December 31st
Wntr Wknd 2020 Student Conference Registration

Complete this registration form for your student to attend Wntr Wknd Conference.

Location: Seacoast Church, 750 Long Point Road, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

Sunday, January 19, 2020 
Monday, January 20, 2020 

*full conference schedule and important info will be sent to you prior to the conference
Please complete the following information:
*Student Grade (current year):
*Select Seacoast Campus or Other Church:
If 'Other', please list your church name here (leave blank unless you chose OTHER above):
*Parent First & Last Name (primary emergency contact):
*Parent Email (for FAQs and event updates):
*Does the student have any food or medical allergies?:
If 'Yes', please list allergies:
*Does the student have any medical issues or special circumstances that we should know?:
If 'Yes', please explain below:
*I acknowledge this registration is non-refundable but can be transferred to another student through 1/18:
*I acknowledge this is not an overnight stay (except for Seacoast out of area campuses); students will go home Sunday night:
*I acknowledge transportation is not included in the conference fee (Note: Seacoast is covering this cost for campuses):
*I acknowledge lodging is not included in the conference fee (Note: Seacoast is covering this cost for out of area campuses):
*I acknowledge the registration fee includes Sunday after party food and Monday breakfast only (Monday lunch not included):
*I acknowledge food truck lunch on Monday and any snack bar purchases require additional cash (recommend $15-20 per student):
*I acknowledge there will be merchandise sales at the conference with items ranging from $15-$25 while supplies last:
*I acknowledge Seacoast Church can use photography and video from the event to recap and promote the conference (photo release):
An email will be sent to each parent by January 10th, for those registered before that date, with a complete schedule of events, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), transportation and pick-up/drop off information, lunch (food truck) information and any other information you will need to make this event a success for your student. If you register January 10th or after, you will receive the email within 24 hours of registration.

If you are traveling from outside of the Charleston area, your campus or church youth pastor will provide you information on housing plans and packing list for this event.

Please address any questions to: customstudents@seacoast.org

Thank you for investing in your student. We can't wait to have them with us at Wntr Wknd Conference: