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High School Guys Hike on Thursday, May 13, 2021 @ 5:00 AM

complete this registration form to take part in the spring high school guys hike
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What Seacoast campus do you attend (or closest location if you do not attend Seacoast)?
*Student Date of Birth:
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*In case of an emergency and updates during the hike, please enter the name of the parent/family member who we should contact:
*What is the emergency contact's relationship to you?
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*Do you have or have you ever experienced any medical conditions?
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*Do you have any allergies (insects, food, etc.)?
If yes, please list allergies and effects.
Do you have any of the following gear?
*Do you have extra gear you are willing to loan to another hiker?
If you have extra gear, please let us know what you would be able to loan another hiker:
Please let us know 3 people that will commit to pray for you before, during and after the hike
*Prayer warrior 1:
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*Have you been on a Seacoast hike before?
If yes, how many?
*Are you currently involved in a small group?
*List the name of your school you attend or let us know if you attend home school
*Which of these words best describes the maturity of your relationship with Christ?
A member of our team will contact you with your next steps for our first team meeting: